About Kooshan Tech

 Kooshan Tech established in 2010 with the collective efforts of young Iranians to meet the software needs of hospitals and was able to be approved by the Vice President for Science and Technology as a creative company.

 This company started its activity with Sarem Hospital and was able to produce the most complete electronic health record in the country From the beginning of its activity until now, Kooshan Tech has made every effort to provide the best services to its customers and intends to take steps to improve the health of the country with the help of young people and by producing applied software.

Why do our customers choose?

  • Using the latest software in the world in the field of health
  • Ability to change the module based on the unique needs of customers
  • Analyze medical and hospital needs and receive feedback continuously to improve system performance
  • Support as soon as possible
  • High commitment to your customers
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